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"That's not what people say, They've heard you make
speeches since-----"

Mr. Munn looked sharply at the boy. " There was an old
man there," he hegan, "standing just at the edge of the
platform. When I got up I saw him. I just saw him there.
He was just an ordinary sort of old fellow, straw hat and
overalls, nothing out of the way/' Mr. Munn realized that
he did not remember what he had actually said that day at
the rally. Instead, he only remembered the face of that old
man. That was what seemed important now, but it was hard
to find words for the importance. He discovered that the
boy was not really attending to him, that he was following
his own thought, and so, somewhat embarrassedly, he said,
" Well, you see, it was just sort of an accident."

" Yes, sir, I see," the boy replied, leaping on with his own
idea; "but you know, about not going into Mr. Lightfoot's
office in Cincinnati and all. If I went up there, there'd just
be a lot of desk work, making up briefs and so on. There
wouldn't be any chance for what you're doing. Things like
the rally. What you're doing."

"If we win, it'll be worth it," Mr. Munn said. "It'll be
something. If we don't, it'll be something else."

" You'll win, all right," the boy rejoined, leaning forward
with his elbows on his knees and his hands clasped before
him. They were long, brown, sinewy hands, and they sprang
strongly from the brown wrists. "You're bound to win.
Everybody down round here'll be better off. Everybodyll
see that."

" Maybe," Mr. Munn replied. It was all so simple to the
boy. People just saw what was good for them, and did it.
And he was all fired up about making speeches. Telling
people what was good for them. Then Mr. Munn saw the
boy watching Lucille Christian again, and added to himself;
And he talks to that Christian girl a couple of hours and
decides he'll settle down here. It's all surface to Mm yet.
Everything. He's not much better than a child. Getting
older is breaking through the surfaces. Layer after kyer.